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Submitting Safe Assignment

Follow the steps bellow for accessing and submitting assignments using Safe Assign.

  1. Open the appropriate course with the assignment you would like to access.

  2. Locate the assignment in the content area, commonly the assignment is available under Assignments.

  3. Once you have located the assignment read the instructions carefully. Then when you are ready to submit click the View/Complete link.

  4. Here you can upload your file and add the necessary comments for your instructor. Click on the Browser button to find the assignment file that you need to submit.

    Note: Safe Assign only takes SPECIFIC text file formats like: doc, docx, odt, txt, rtf, html and pdf. Other file formats will not be accepted. Also note you file can not be bigger than 10MB, files bigger than 10MB will be rejected by the system.

    You also have the option of adding your paper to the Global Reference Database.

    NOTE: Before submitting your assignments always SAVE and CLOSE the file properly to avoid any possible problems. Having the file open when submitting may cause the upload to not be successful.

  5. Once ready, Click Submit.