To login to My.Seneca go to https://my.senecacollege.ca.

Login using your My.Seneca (E-mail) Username and password.

You can view College News or use the Employee Search Module to search for information regarding Seneca Employees or Faculty, without having to log in to My.Seneca.

Once you have logged in to My.Seneca, you must click on the Logout icon to end your session successfully. If you just close your session by closing the Browser, your session will not end correctly.


My Places Button

Home Button

Help Button

Logout Button


Access the My.Seneca Home Page

Access The My.Seneca Help

Log Off from My.Seneca


Once you have successfully logged in to My.Seneca, you may access the courses that you are teaching by clicking on the link which appears in the My.Seneca – Subjects Module.



My.Seneca Tabs

The tabs in My.Seneca allow navigation among the different areas. You can customize the content of each of the tabs and the layout of the Modules in My.Seneca. Please check the Help Tip Sheets for instructions on how to do this. The Modules, Layout and Colour Scheme can be customized on most of the tabs within My.Seneca. The number of modules on each tab can affect the time it takes to download the page and access the system.

When you are customizing your My.Seneca site, we recommend that you add personal modules to the My.Stuff tab and reserve the My.Seneca Home tab for college information.

The Employee Services tab enables access to your Attendance, Timetable and Employee Settings, as well as PD Workshops, Seneca job postings and the Employee Relations Web Site with Forms, Seneca job postings and a host of other information. Check out the information available by clicking on each of the tabs.



My.Seneca Tools

The My.Seneca Tools allow you to access different utilities that have been made available to you




Modules are packets of content that appear on the My.Seneca Home or My.Stuff tabs. They are made available by the My.Seneca Administrator. Modules allow you to view information from within My.Seneca.

Allow you to access Learn E-mail

Display important messages from College & Instructors

Display your Subjects



Course/Organization Site

A Course or Organization site consist of a bread Crumb, a course menu, and a content area.



Bread Crumb

The breadcrumb allows users to return to any page access between the main course/organization page and the current page. In My.Seneca it is generally not advisable to click the "back button". Instead, use the breadcrumb to navigate to subfolders you are in.



Course Menu

The course menu is position on the left side of the page. The Professor controls the links listed under this area. Any empty content area will be automatically hidden unless new content is made available.