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Accessing Assignments

Follow the steps below for accessing assignments:

  1. Open the appropriate course with the assignments you would like to access.

  2. Locate the assignment in a content area, commonly they are under Assignments.

  3. Once you have located the assignment read the instructions carefully. Then click on the title of the assignment.

  4. The Upload Assignment page will load, the instructions will also be available here and if your instructor has attached any files, they will be available for download.

Submitting Assignments

  1. You can provide submit your file by copying and pasting the content into the submission text area. However, we strongly recommend you to upload the final file with your assignment.

  2. Files partially completed can be stored until you have completed them (via Save as Draft).Files can be submitted from the Content System area or from your local machine.

    Click on Browse for Local File or Browse for Content Collection item and select the file you wish to upload.

    IMPORTANT WARNING: after selecting your file you are REQUIRED to click on Attach File and wait a few seconds for the file to be uploaded. If you do not attach the file no file will be added.

    This way you can add more than one file if required

    NOTE: Do NOT attach multiple files with the same name, this will cause a problem with your submission.

  3. If necessary provide any comments for your instructor.

  4. Click Submit.