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Quick Start for courses

This page is a quick reference for basic use of various tools, please click the "More ..." link for more specific detailed instructions (A new window will be when clicking the link).

  • Posting an Announcement
    Edit Mode "ON"Create AnnouncementFill in the informationSubmit

  • Post faculty contact information
    Edit Mode "ON"Faculty InformationCreate ContactFill in the informationSubmit

  • Post the course outline
    Edit Mode "ON"Course InformationBuildCreate External LinkFill Name “Outline”
    URL: ""
     inyys = 092 is Summer 2009 semester.
     Subject = Subject code (no section).

  • Post a web link
    Edit Mode "ON"Course DocumentsBuildCreate External LinkFill in the information … URL must start with http://Submit

  • Post course files
    Edit Mode "ON"Course DocumentsCreate ItemEnter an appropriate NameBrowse for your file … Submit

  • Personalize course, change the style & color
    Control Panel menu … CustomizationStylechoose Buttons or Textselect style propertiesSubmit
    More …

  • Add a course banner
    Control Panel menu … CustomizationStyleSelect Banner section … Browse for Local FileSubmit

  • Grade Center - Create a column
    Control Panel menu … EvaluationGrade CenterCreate ColumnFill in the informationSubmit

  • Send an email to your students
    Control Panel menu … EvaluationGrade Center … Select students you want to email … Email Selected Users … type a Subject and a MessageSubmit