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My.Seneca Help

Here you will find documentation that can enhance your My.Seneca Blackboard experience. If you do not see the help procedure that you are looking for here, click on the headings for their full menus.

Faculty and Staff

Documents and tips to help you add content and activities to a My.Seneca course/organization, as well as instructions on how to use features and tools.

April 2014 Upgrade Notes
Course Availability

Grade Center
Organization Management



Student tip sheets on how to submit assignments, participate in your course, and make use of our portal system.

Applicant Help

Content System

The Content system provides each user with virtual hard drive space so that files stored in the content system can be accessed at anytime and from anywhere. It also provides the tools for collaborating on, sharing, controlling access to and editing files. This area provides support documents on how to take advantage of the content system. All My.Seneca users, including students and employees, have their own personal virtual hard drive space.

Accessing Content System
Files and Folders