What is Zoom?

Zoom is one of the simplest collaboration tools Seneca uses for online meetings and conference calls.  This teaching tool can be used by faculty for online classroom sessions as needed.  As a host, you can create a meeting and share the details with your participants through Microsoft Outlook or by posting the meeting information in Blackboard.  As the host, once you start the meeting, participants can join in via their computer, tablet, smartphone or audio-only phone. 

Zooms can be installed on your laptop computer and optionally on your mobile phone. In most cases, ITS will have already installed Zoom add-ins in Outlook but if you have issues or wish to install Zoom on an alternate computer, follow these steps to install Zoom on a desktop or laptop.

All employees and students with an active Seneca email address are eligible for a licensed Zoom Education account. This account allows you to host meetings of up to 300 participants.

Important: To configure your account, please sign into zoom.senecacollege.ca.

Installing Zoom on a desktop or laptop computer:

  1. Go to http://zoom.senecacollege.ca/download
  2. Locate the Zoom Client for Meetings and click Download
  3. Install the downloaded file and this will install the Zoom Client for Meetings.
  4. (Windows only) Download and install Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook. This will add the Zoom Schedule Meeting button to Outlook (make sure you close and re-open Outlook to see the button).

Installing the Zoom in Office 365:

  1. Go to myseneca.ca and login with your Seneca username and password
  2. Outlook will open, click the Calendar icon at the bottom
  3. Click New Event
  4. Click the ellipsis on the toolbar and then click Get Add-ins
  5. Search for Zoom for Outlook and click Add
  6. Click Continue to install

Getting started with Zoom

If this is your first time logging into Zoom on the desktop:

  1. Launch Zoom
  2. Click Sign In
  3. Click Sign In with SSO
  4. Enter the Company domain: senecacollege-ca

Here are some quick tutorials on how to do the most common Zoom tasks.

Scheduling a Zoom Meeting in Outlook

  1. Click on Schedule a Meeting icon from the toolbar:
    1. From the drop down box choose: 
      1. Schedule Zoom meeting.
      2. A meeting information page will pop up. It will populate all the default meeting information.

All the information the participants need to join the Zoom meeting will populate in the email invite.

  • You can now customize your meeting invite in the email:
    • TO field enter participants
    • Subject field enter meeting topic
    • Location field enter either Zoom or a selected room where all participants will meet for the Zoom meeting
    • Choose Start time and End time
    • You have the option to make this a recurring meeting

Scheduling a Zoom Meeting in Outlook on the Web

  1. Click the Calendar icon
  2. Click New Event
  3. Click the Zoom icon on the toolbar

All the information the participants need to join the Zoom meeting will populate in the email invite.

  • You can now customize your meeting invite in the email:
    • Add a Title
    • Invite attendees
    • You have the option to make this a recurring meeting
    • Select your date, choose Start time and End time

Scheduling/Starting a Zoom Meeting in Blackboard

    1. In your course
    2. On the left menu, click Tools then click Zoom Meeting
    3. Click Launch in the Launch LTI Link window
    4. Click Start to join your Zoom Meeting or click Schedule a New Meeting

For detailed instructions on using Zoom in Blackboard visit the Tutorials.

Joining the meeting

When it is time to join the meeting go to your calendar and open up the meeting invite.  A screen will pop up with all the meeting information. Including the meeting number and password. The options to join the meeting will be in light blue…click on your choice of joining the meeting.

Additional Information

Here is a list of additional resources to help you learn how to use Zoom:

  1. Review the Quick Reference Guide to learn about how to use Zoom Meetings.  It is in an easily printable format if you'd like to print it for your reference.
  2. Browse the How-To Tutorials for quick videos on how to perform specific tasks in Zoom.  These are handy quick videos that you can refer to or refer colleagues to if they need assistance.
  3. Download the Seneca backdrop collection