Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cisco Webex Meeting?

Webex Meetings is one of the collaboration tools Seneca uses for online meetings and conference calls.  Faculty will also be able to use it as a teaching tool for online classroom sessions as needed.  As a host, you can create a meeting and share the details with your participants through Microsoft Outlook or by posting the meeting information in My.Seneca.  As the host, once you start the meeting, participants can join in via their computer, tablet, smartphone or audio-only phone. 

What can I do in a Webex meeting?

Depending on what the host who created and controls the meeting makes available, the host and participants can:
  • speak to each other if they have a microphone on their call-in device
  • see each other if video is enabled and participants have a camera
  • the host, as the presenter, can share a presentation, video or other media
  • the host can share their computer desktop or specific applications so that participants can follow along
  • the host can make specific participants a presenter so they can speak, if participants are muted, or share their desktop or applications
  • participants can collaborate via an on-line whiteboard

How can I connect to Webex meeting?

Most Webex meeting invitations are sent through email so it depends on what device you are reading the email from and/or wish to participate with.

Participate via a Desktop computer (preferred method)

  • When you get an email invite, you can click on the “Join by computer” link and connect to the meeting via the Cisco Webex Meeting app.  If you don’t have it installed on the computer you are participating from, you will be asked to install the Webex app.  Computers at Seneca will have the Cisco Webex Desktop app installed automatically so you may not have to do this.
  • This method is preferred because it gives you all of the Webex controls as a host and all of the tools as a host and participant.  You can use the full suite of functionality that Webex offers.

Participate via mobile phone or tablet app

  • The Cisco Webex mobile app has audio/video and other features if the mobile app is used.

Participate via telephone (audio only)

  • Each Webex meeting invite has the ability for participants to use a telephone to call in and utilize audio features.
  • This method does NOT do any of the other collaborative features of Webex and is only suggested if you are unable to use any of the other methods.

When should I use Webex over other available collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is best used for real-time collaboration for projects and other organizational activities via the Teams site.  You can use Teams for chat functions and asynchronous collaboration within the departmental environment or use it as an academic tool. 

Webex is used for voice and video conferencing and has the added features of being able to share and collaborate within the bounds of specific meetings.  You can have particpants from within the college or participants external to the college join in and participate in meetings as needed.  From meeting to meeting, there is no repository of documents, media or other types out output for projects and/or departmental activities such as Microsoft Teams provides.

Think of regular in-person meetings as the same as Webex Meetings.  The only difference is that you have additional tools and you can have participants join in from anywhere with a variety of devices as noted above.

How many attendees can I have on a Webex meeting?

You can have a 1000 attendees in a Webex meeting.

Can I restrict people from joining a Webex meeting in my Personal Room?

Yes, you can automatically lock your room at a specific time after the meeting has started. For more information, visit Lock or Unlock Your Cisco Webex Personal Room.

Can anyone open a Webex meeting?

No, only the host can open the meeting.

I am being asked for a PIN to join a meeting via phone that I scheduled, what is my PIN?

Each Webex user has a unique PIN assigned. For more information, vist How to change or view the Host PIN.