How-to Tutorials for Students

Here are a few tutorials to get you started.


Starting/Joining a Webex Meeting:

    How to Start and join Webex Meetings from the Desktop App


     How to join a Webex Meeting through Email Invite


     How To Join a Webex Meeting from the Web App in a Browser



     How To Use Webex Meetings with your iPhone Calendar



    How to Join a Cisco Webex Meeting from an iOS Mobile Device


    How To Join a Cisco Webex Meeting from your Android Phone


Using Webex:

    How to Share Video in a Cisco Webex Meeting


    How To Record a Cisco Webex Meeting Video Conference


    How to | Change the video layout in Webex Meetings


    How to | Select who you want to focus on in a Webex Meeting


    How To Manage Audio and Video Preferences in Webex Meetings


    How To Navigate Webex Meetings Using Your Keyboard