Cisco Unity Connection Voicemail

Setting up your Voicemail Box from your Phone

  1. Dial extension 22999
  2. When prompted, enter your temporary PIN (password) 22580 followed by #
  3. You will be prompted to set up a recorded name, personal greeting and change your PIN (your new PIN must be at least 5 digits in length)


  • After you have set up your phone the first time, you can still change some settings (preferences)
  • To skip listening to a greeting, when leaving a message, Press #


Accessing your Voicemail Box from another Phone Extension

  1. If you are using someone else's extension, dial 22999 followed by *
  2. When prompted, enter your extension (ID) followed by #
  3. You will then be prompted to enter your PIN (password) followed by #


Accessing Messages Externally

  1. You may access voicemail externally by calling 416-491-5050.  When you hear the welcome message, say "Voicemail" or enter 22999
  2. You will then be prompted to enter your ID -- enter your extension followed by #
  3. You will then be prompted for your PIN (password) - enter your Pin followed by #
  4. Press 1 to access new messages

From the Main Menu

Listen to new messages 1
Send a message 2
Listen to saved/deleted messages 3
Change preferences (re-record name, change password) 4
Change greeting 4,1
Change your PIN 4,3,1
Change your recorded name 4,3,2
Get Help 0
Exit *

 To Send a Message

  1. From the main menu, press 2.  After the beep, say your message and press # to end the recording
  2. Enter extension or press # # to switch to addressing by name
  3. Press # to confirm or press 91 to add another name or extension
To cancel sending *
To mark as urgent 1
For return receipt 2
To mark as private 3
For future deliveries 4
To review your recording 5
To re-record 6
To add to the message 7
To copy yourself 9,5

 While Listening to a Message

Rewind 1
Save Message 2
Delete 3
Slow Playback 4
Change Volume 5
Fast Playback 6
Skip Back 7
Pause 8
Get Help 0
Skip, Save As Is #
Cancel *

After Listening to Messages

Skip Back 1
Replay Message 4
Play Message Properties 5
Reply to Message 6
Forward Message 6,6
Delete Message 7
Save Message 9
Get Help 0
Cancel/Backup *

Recording your Personal Message

The new system allows you to record the following greetings:  standard (in the office), busy (on the phone), and alternate (away from the office).

Record standard greeting 4,1,1
Enable/disable greetings 4,1,2
Record alternate or busy greetings 4,1,3