Voicemail to Email

The Voicemail to Email service enables voice messages to be delivered to the voicemail and email inboxes of Seneca staff simultaneously.

When a voice message arrives, a voicemail message is delivered to your Seneca voicemail inbox and the red light illuminates on your Cisco desk phone. At the same time, an email will arrive in your Seneca email inbox with an audio attachment. You may listen to your voicemail message on either your telephone or your computer.

Note: This feature is not auto assigned to an extension. If you need this feature, send an email to the Service Desk or call 416.491.5050 ext. 22129.

Listening to Voicemail Messages on Your Computer

  1. Access your Seneca email address with software such as Microsoft Outlook or via the web at myseneca.ca.
  2. Click the email containing your voicemail. The subject will resemble "Message from NAME (extension)".
  3. Double click the attachment VoiceMessage.wav to play the voicemail using your default audio software. The voicemail audio will play through your computer's speakers or headphones. Note that listening to your voicemail on your computer will extinguish the red message light on your Cisco desk phone.