Making Conference Calls

Place a call between 2 to 5 other phones and yourself

  • Place the first call
  • Press the more softkey, then press the Confrn softkey
  • Dial another telephone number
  • When the next call is answered, press the Confrn softkey to add this person to the conference call
  • External parties drop if all internal participants leave the call

Join a Conference

  • Use the Join softkey to turn 2 separate calls into a conference call:
  • Press the Join softkey on one of the calls.  Join can include more than two calls, which results in a call with three or more parties
  • To choose an active or held call, highlight the call and press the Select softkey
  • A checked indicator displays next to a selected call on the phone
  • The call that initiates the Join automatically gets included.  The active call gets included even if not selected

Place a call for more than 6 phones and yourself

  • Please request Skype for Business conference calling from the Service Desk at extension 22129 or via email