Frequently Asked Questions


I plugged in my headset but I unable to hear any audio ?

Newer laptops will display a pop-up window to choose your headset/speaker setup, ensure you choose the appropriate one. Earlier version laptop may not display this pop-up window and therefore you will need to manually configure your Sound option by selecting the appropriate default device under Playback tab. 


While in a Skype conversation on my laptop, I suddenly lost my audio.

When using a laptop remember to always have it open throughout the meeting. Closing the laptop will cover the mic as it is generally located beside the video camera at the top of the laptop screen.   

How do I locate my Conference ID and Telephone number ?

  • Open your Outlook and go to on your Calendar.

  • On the Home tab ribbon, in the Skype Meeting section, click New Skype Meeting.

  • In the body of that window, will be the Telephone number to join by phone and the Conference ID number.

  • Forward this information to your invitees.   

  • If you do not see these numbers,  then you must place a request to for a Conference ID number

During a Skype meeting, the attendees are not able to hear me?

  • Please ensure that your mic icon   is not muted.

    This icon is located at the bottom of your Skype session window and should not have a diagonal line through it.  


My Skype meeting button is missing from Outlook.

You can re-add the button by following the steps below:

  • Open your Outlook and go to your Calendar.

  • Click on the File Tab.

  • Click on Options.

  • Click Add-Ins.

  • At the bottom of that screen will be Manage: COM Add-ins, click on Go.

  • In the COM Add-Ins pop up window, search for Skype Meeting Add-in For Microsoft Offfice ...(it will state your version of Office) and  check the box on the left.  

  • Click Go.

  • Close and relaunch  Outlook.

When I try to call in to my Skype for Business meeting, the conference ID number is no longer valid.

You can reach out to the organizer of the meeting to provide either a new conference ID number or update a permission change.

How do I join a Skype for Business Meeting to which I have been invited?

You can join the meeting through several different options.

  • By selecting the meeting in the calendar
  • Directly from the Outlook reminder
  • Double click on the meeting from the Skype For Business Meeting tab
  • By phone with the  number provided on the invite