For Seneca College Dedicated Xerox Customer Support Center:

Provide the information below when ordering supplies and placing a service request:

  • Contact Name
  • Department
  • Room #
  • Extension
  • Device Model
  • Machine Serial Number

Locate Machine Information

At the Xerox Work Centre

  1. Press the [Machine Status] button on the Control Panel
  2. The [Machine Information] screen displays the Device Model and Machine Serial Number information

There are two models of Xerox machine across the College:

WorkCentre 7556 – Department Use

  • Print both in color and black white

·         What to Order:

  • Black toner
  • Yellow toner
  • Magenta toner
  • Cyan toner
  • Toner Waste cartridge

WorkCentre 5755 -  Lab Use

  • Black White