Printing Photocopies

Many Seneca printers can be used as photocopiers. Follow the instructions below to make paper copies of a document, or go to Scanning and Emailing Documents to send an electronic copy of the document to your inbox.


  1. Remove staples and paper clips from the papers to be scanned.
  2. Place the originals face-up in the Document Feeder on top of the printer, or one at a time face-down on the scanner glass.
  3. Tap your OneCard and log in to the printer.
  4. Press the Services Home hardware button on top of the printer.
  5. Tap Copy on the printer screen.
  6. Type the desired number of copies.
  7. Press the green Start hardware button on the front of the printer.
  8. Your document will begin to print shortly.


  • Press the red Stop hardware button to pause or cancel a copy job
  • Tap Resume on the printer screen to continue the copy job
  • Press the Cancel button to cancel the job completely