New Account Activation

As a new student and employee at the College, you would have received a Welcome email with your account credentials. You will be required to activate your My.Seneca account.

How to Activate My.Seneca Account?

      1. Go to:
      2. Log in with your My.Seneca Username and Password provided in the email

      3. Click Yes to accept the terms and conditions when the IT Acceptable Use Policy (ITAUP) window displays – please read
      4. The Create a New MyID PIN window displays:
        1. Under New PIN: enter a 5-digit number
        2. UnderConfirm PIN:re-enter the 5-digit number
        3. ClickSet PIN (Please wait approximately 1 minute for your PIN to save)

      5. If there is a Personal Email on file then once the PIN is saved,  the Welcome MyID Self Service window displays to complete the My.Seneca activation where you are required to change your password.

      6. To change your password
        1. Click Change Password
        2. Under Current Password: enter the password provided in the email
        3. Under New Password: enter your new password
        4. Under Confirm Password: re-enter new password
        5. Click Change Password
        6. Clicking Exit will log you out of MyID Self Service
      7. If there is no Personal Email address on file, you will then be required to enter your Date of Birth and Postal Code along with a valid Personal Email address

        1. Under the  Date of Birth displayed: enter your personal information
        2. Under the Postal Code: enter your Postal Code on currently on file
        3. Under  Personal Email: enter your Personal Email address
        4. Under Confirm Personal Email: re-enter your Personal Email address
      8. Click Submit
      9. Once submitted, a window display a message that a link was sent to your Personal Email account , ******@ as shown below: 

      10. Click Exit to return to the MyID Login screen.