Changing Your Password and Security Profile

Once you have activated your My.Seneca account and you know your password and it is not expired, you can log into at any time and change your password or PIN.

    1. Go to:
    2. Log in with your My.Seneca Usernameand Password provided in the email
    3. Click Yes to accept the terms and conditions of the IT Acceptable Use Policy (ITAUP)
    4. The Welcome window displays with the two (2) options:
      1. Change Password
      2. Change PIN


To Change Password:

  1. Click Change Password
    1. Under Current Password:enter the current password
    2. Under New Password: enter a new password
    3. Under Confirm Password: re-enter the new password
    4. To save your new password, click Change Password


How to Change PIN?

  1. Click Change PIN
    1. UnderNew PIN: enter a 5-digit number
    2. Under Confirm PIN: re-enter the 5-digit number
    3. Click Set PIN (Please wait approximately 1 minute for your PIN to save)
    4. Once you have completed any or all of the two options provided, click the Exit button to log out of MyID Self Service.