Creating a Mailing Group (Office 365 Group)

1. Open a compatible internet browser (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.)
2. Go to Office 365 -
3. Log in with your My.Seneca Username and Password.
4. From your Inbox, go to the bottom left of the window and right-click while on the Groups list (or click the ‘+’ icon that appears)  and click on Create.


5. From the window that opens, select your group type:

  • Standard (Default)
  • Professional Learning Community (Standard group that provides more functionality for faculty. Particularly useful for department communication).

6. Design the group to your requirements.

  • Group name: The Name of your Group
  • Group Email Address: The email of your team
  • Description: Quick Description of the group’s purpose
  • Privacy: Allow any Seneca account (public) or just members (private) to view group contents.


7. Click on the Create icon.  

8. Add group members using names or emails. When you are finished adding members, click “Add” at the top of the window.

  • You can add members from any domain such as @myseneca, @senecacollege and external domains such as @outlook, @yahoo, or corporate domains
  • External members will be added as “Guests” but will still have access to group content.
  • Your members can also include other groups


 Note: Office 365 groups do not replace dynamic distribution groups.



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