Adding a Member to an Office 365 Group

1. From your  Inbox, go to your groups list and click on the Group name

2. In the top right of the Group window, select Member(s).

3. To add members click on the members icon (circle around two figures with a "+" sign) .

  • You can add members from any domain such as @myseneca, @senecacollege and external domains such as @outlook, @yahoo, or corporate domains.
  • External members are added as “guests” but will still have access to group content. If you are not an owner, guests will need approval from an owner.
  • Your members can also include other groups, including distribution groups


4. Enter the members you wish to add, then click Save.


Removing a Member from an Office 365 Group

1. Click on the Group from which you want to remove a member

2. Right-click on the group member and select the option Remove from group


 Note: You can only remove a member from a group which you are the owner.



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