Groups are an effective way to collaborate with others in a shared working environment.

Advantages of Office 365 Groups

  • Up to 50 members allowed
  • Easy to create and manage
  • More functionality than static distribution groups
  • Any Seneca employee can send emails to the group

They provide additional services such as shared calendars, group file exchange, and a SharePoint site compared to distribution lists.

  • Creating Office 365 Groups:   This guide describes the steps that must be followed to successfully create a mailing group list on Office 365 ( in order to send emails to a group.
  • Adding/Removing Members:  This guide describes how to add and remove members within your Office 365 group including student email addresses as well as external email addresses.
  • Sending Group Emails:   This guide describes how to send email to the group from your Office 365 email account as well as your mobile devices.  You can send email to the group or have the option to select individuals within the group. This allows you to customized recipients from a group. 

We encourage you to explore these new features to find which fit your team’s needs. If you require more than 50 members or would like to restrict others from sending to this group, please send a request to ITS Service Desk or call ext. 22129.



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