Seneca File Transfer Service

The Seneca File Transfer Service allows Seneca Employees to send and receive large files to and from other employees, students and non-Senecans.  There are several features including a log file showing all the files received and downloaded by recipients. This service does not replace our Office365 email system, it just provides another platform where much larger files can be uploaded.

Logging In

 In your internet browser navigate to the website

 To log into the service, use your Seneca email or username and password.


Navigation Options

The Navigation bar at the top of the page has several options.                                                                                                                                  

Sending a File

Upon logging in you will be prompted with a page to create a new message. Fill in the message fields with the appropriate information and use the   button  to attach the files(s) you wish to send in the message. The recipient email address can be  a Seneca email address or a non-Seneca email address for non-Senecans.



Receiving a File

1. Once a file has been sent to you, it will appear as an email in your inbox. Inside the email is a link to download the attached files.

2.  After clicking on the link in your email you will be redirected to the page to download the attachment.



Retrieving Old Files

If you wish to retrieve files that has been sent to you previously, you can click on Download Log under the Secure Messages tab. This will show you a list of all files associated with your account.



Requesting a File

This provides an easy way for someone (Senecan and/or non-Senecan) to send you a file.

1. You will first need to request the file by clicking on the Request File button.



2. When the popup window opens, fill in as needed, then click on the Request File button as shown.



3. An email will be delivered to the recipient with a unique File Request link.




Note:   For further detail instruction you can visit the website