The Faculty of Communication Arts and Design Loan Desk located at S@Y Campus maintains a variety of audiovisual equipment (see equipment available for checkout) that is available for loan to students and faculty within FCAD. Equipment lending is limited to actively-enrolled Seneca students and faculty. Faculty and staff who hold regular courses in FCAD programs may borrow equipment for the purposes of coursework. Borrowers are responsible for making their own reservations; FCAD Loan Desk staff do not support email bookings or phone requests. All equipment must be picked up and returned to the FCAD Loan Desk only.

Checkout – Single Student

The equipment is not to be treated as personal property or used for non-Seneca College-related purposes.

All equipment must be checked in and out at the FCAD Loan Desk office (S2074). A Seneca Onecard is required, without exception, to borrow equipment. At the time of checkout and check-in, the condition of the equipment and the presence of all peripherals such as cables, battery and/or charger, card reader, etc. included with the borrowed item or kit will be reviewed by FCAD Loan Desk staff.

If returning equipment is damaged or the condition of the equipment is not suitable for re-use, the borrower assumes full financial liability to either repair or replace the equipment to its original condition (at the FCAD Service Counter personnel’s discretion). If the equipment is lost, stolen or irretrievable, the borrower assumes full financial responsibility to cover the replacement cost of the equipment. Replacement value will be based on the current market value (wear and tear will be taken into consideration) of the same or similar equipment. In addition, comments will be inserted into the student record that will limit their loan privileges. Future loans may be suspended until any issue(s) are resolved with the FCAD Loan Desk. Upon resolution of any outstanding equipment or fines, any remarks added to student files will be removed.

The FCAD Loan Desk inspects all equipment when it leaves and returns. If students are unsure of the equipment that they will be signing for, Loan Desk staff will review the equipment with the student before signing and taking responsibility. You are expected to thoroughly check all equipment upon issuance because you are agreeing to take responsibility for any damage to equipment while in your possession. If you find any problems during this check, you must inform FCAD Loan Desk within thirty (30) minutes of signing out the equipment. It is in your best interest to check equipment immediately upon issuance. You will not be held responsible for equipment problems reported within thirty (30) minutes of being signed out, unless equipment is in noticeably different condition than when signed out.

Under no circumstances should equipment in the borrower’s possession be loaned to any other person. All equipment transfers must be handled through the FCAD Loan Desk, even when passing equipment on to the next user.

FCAD personnel reserve the right to limit or deny the use of equipment depending on a person’s borrowing history.

Checkout - Groups

In addition to “Checkout – Single student”,

When checking out equipment for group projects, the group must designate a responsible person for checkout. It is the responsibility of that individual to oversee the use of the equipment and to ensure that it is returned to FCAD Loan Desk in good working condition by the required due date. If the equipment is returned late, the penalty will be applied to the account of the person who signed out the equipment. Any discrepancies remain with the group to resolve amongst themselves.


Equipment, except for video cameras, is available on a first-come, first-served basis only and cannot be reserved ahead of time. Camera reservations requiring more than a camera and tripod (lights, audio, etc.) must be emailed at least one day ahead of time and correspond with a booking made in the camera booking binder located by the FCAD counter. Email requests must include: student name, student number, complete list of requested equipment, date and time of expected pickup. Emailing ahead of time ensures FCAD Loan Desk staff to have the equipment ready and prepped for the requested time. All overnight video camera bookings must also be reserved one day ahead of time in the binder. On very rare circumstances, supply and demand may create situations of extreme need. During times of extreme need (special events, major assignments, midterms, final exams, etc.), FCAD Loan Desk may enforce shorter loan periods, and has the right to recall equipment that has been checked out.

The hours for checking out equipment from the FCAD Loan Desk are as follows:

Monday to Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Saturday to Sunday: Closed

Time Limits

Items borrowed from the FCAD Loan Desk are usually loaned for two (2) school days. Video cameras can be booked for up to two (2) days per week and every other weekend.  Video cameras not picked up by 5:30 p.m. may be released to other students on a first-come, first-served basis. Video cameras picked up after 5:30 p.m. that have not been booked in advance, will be due by end of the following day. Exceptions are if a student picks up an un-booked video camera on Friday, that camera will be due by end of day on Monday.

All equipment must be returned to the FCAD Loan Desk at the S@Y Campus by the last class day of the term.

Late Returns Policy

If the equipment is late:

  1. A reminder e-mail will be sent 1 day after the scheduled return date notifying the borrower that the equipment is overdue.
  2. If no response, a second e-mail will be sent indicating that a ”hold” on the borrower’s account will occur if equipment is not returned within 3 days.
  3. If the equipment is not returned, a “hold” on future loans will be submitted until equipment is returned or replacement value is given to FCAD Loan Desk personnel.

Late Return Penalties

Equipment not returned by the date it is due will be subject to the Late Returns Penalty. Failure to return the equipment when required will have the following penalties:

Equipment Fine
Video Cameras $30.00 / day

DSLR Cameras

Music Instruments
Room Keys / Access Cards
Audio Recorders $15.00 / day
Graphic Tablets
Lighting Kits
Other equipment
Cables (audio/video)

Students with outstanding fines will lose access to equipment and facilities until their late fees are paid in full. Any fees still outstanding will be recorded against your academic record and may prevent you from graduating until fees are paid in full.

FCAD Loan Desk has the right to consider individual situations and circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

All overdue fines collected will go towards supporting Seneca’ s “Campaign for Students”.

Unattended Equipment

Equipment found to be unattended and unsecured will be confiscated. The borrower will not be able to sign out that equipment for the remainder of the day.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the FCAD loans staff at syavtech@Senecacollege.ca

Lost Equipment

If the equipment is broken, lost or stolen while it is signed out, you will be financially responsible for the cost of all repairs to bring the equipment to its original working condition or complete replacement of the item.

Broadcast, Digital Media and Edit Suites

The policy and fines within this document apply to any room key and access card, which have been signed out from the FCAD Loan Desk. These keys are treated in the same manner as if they were equipment.

  • NO FOOD or DRINK is permitted in any of the broadcast facilities (studios, TV, radio, photography, edit suites, computer labs, etc.).

If you are found with food or drink in any of the facilities, you will be asked to leave the facility and will lose your booking for that day.

For a listing of facilities that can be booked: https://inside.senecacollege.ca/its/services/fcad/

Students, who are trained to properly use the studios, edit suites, etc., can book the facilities when not in use for established classes. To book an edit suite or studio, visit https://sparc4.senecac.on.ca/booking/sca/login.php and the FCAD Loan desk staff will assist you. Be sure to identify what program you are in and your semester, along with your Onecard ID.

  • Please be clear when booking the studio facilities which rooms you will require.
  • Follow the safety rules & procedures you have been taught when using the studios, suites, etc.
  • When you use the studio or any other facility, ensure that you leave it clean and in better shape than you found it, including all the appropriate equipment & lights have been turned off.
  • You should be able to have a clean and error-free experience in the facilities. Please report any equipment faults or messy facilities right away to the FCAD Loan Desk staff.

Fines Appeal Process

Step 1

  • First Level: Disputed fines are referred to the Manager, ITS Client and Media Services.

Step 2

  • Second Level: Students who still wish to further dispute their FCAD Loan Desk fines will be asked to submit an email to FCADLoansAppeal@senecacollege.ca, which will be reviewed by the FCAD Fines Appeal Committee.
    • Please provide:
      • Full registered student name
      • Student ID number
      • Enrolled Program
      • Current semester
      • Reason for appeal

Once a decision is made, the user will be notified by email within 7 days.

Note:  You can download the PDF version of this policy: Loan Policy