Our goal is to provide service and equipment which are at the leading edge of industry standard.

FCAD Loan Desk employees service and maintain the following classrooms, studios and edit suites:

No. of Rooms Type of Classroom/Studios/Edit Suites
3 Broadcast studios for TV/Journalism and Acting programs
4 S@Y Radio station rooms
1 Music Studio
4 Voice over recording studios
1 Photography studio
2 Life Drawing studios
1 Printing Lab with support for photography and illustration work

In addition we offer equipment and room rental for students in the School of Creative Arts & Animation as well as the School of Media.

The rooms that we sign out are the following:

No. of Rooms Type of Classroom/Studios/Edit Suites
7 Music edit suites
5 Avid Media Composer Symphony Suites
2 Green Screen studios
23 Avid Pro Tools/Avid Media Composer/Adobe Edit Suites
3 Post mix Audio Rooms
1 Staging Area

Submit an equipment request for any large orders or contact us by email at: syavtech@senecacollege.ca

If you are a student and need to book an edit suite, click here https://sparc4.senecac.on.ca/booking/sca.