SenecaNET is the Seneca College authenticated network for the wireless network connectivity. It is easy to use and is available to all students and employees for access to email, the Internet and the Seneca College network.

Wireless access is available at all campuses and on the Seneca Bus Shuttle service.

SenecaNET provides:

  • Secure wireless network access
  • Wireless network that is compatible with all major operating systems
  • Authenticated Ethernet connectivity
  • High speed connectivity to College information systems, resources and the Internet

SenecaNET Configuration Settings

The following required information is needed to configure any wireless device connecting to the SenecaNET wireless network:

Network / SSID


EAP Method


Phase-2 Authentication


Certificate Server

Use system certificates (Android OS 7.0 or higher only)

Domain (Android OS 7.0 or higher only)

Identity / Username

Seneca username


Seneca password