The IT Security & Compliance Office is committed to protecting the security of information entrusted to the College by its employees, students, external clients and partners during the course of business. We strongly believe that everyone in the Seneca community plays a role in helping to create a secure IT environment that will benefit everyone else at the College.  This website serves to provide students, faculty and staff with information such as best practice tips, policies, guidelines, etc. to enable them to protect College information as well as their own personal information.

To get help with an IT security issue please submit a service request to the Service Desk.

October Cyber Security Awareness Month

This year's theme is phishing. Visit the Cyber Security Awareness page for tips on protecting yourself against phishing emails.

To create, change, or reset your Seneca password please visit the MyID Password Service website.

Quick Tips

  • Use a different password on every website
  • Never share your passwords with anyone
  • Log out before leaving a shared computer
  • Keep your software up to date